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FILM: Hors norms (France, Comedy) 2019 – online

Bruno (Vincent Cassel) runs an association for autistic children and adolescents whose cases are so complicated that they have rejected them elsewhere. His best friend Malik (Reda Kateb) teaches youth from socially disadvantaged families how to care for these children.

For over 20 years, Bruno and Malik have lived in a world of people with whom society cannot cope. Yet they are not left with optimism and sense of humor. Whether their autistic client stops Parisian rush hour for the tenth time, or basically fails to meet their personal lives for work.

Unfortunately, there is a risk that Bruno’s organization will be closed down because everyone does not like his novel approach. Bruno and Malik have no choice but to convince the authorities that their work makes sense.

The comedy drama Exceptional was chosen as the closing film for this year’s Cannes festival. This is the seventh joint venture of the director-screenwriter duo Eric Toledan and Olivier Nakache. Their comedy The Untouchables (2011) has captivated viewers all over the world, in France only two films have so far beaten it (one of them is Titanic).

In order to achieve the greatest authenticity in the Exceptional, Toledano and Nakach have fully immersed themselves in the workings of the organizations for which the film is discussed for two years. Therefore, most of the scenes are based on situations experienced by the authors. The character of Bruno is based on their longtime friend, Stéphane Benhamou, who cared for an autistic member of the Toledan family. The film is also unique in that, in addition to professional actors, it also features autistic actors. Thus fiction blends with reality, just as weeping mingles with laughter and dramatic field situations with moments of relaxation, lightness and optimism.

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