FILM: Last Christmas (United Kingdom, Comedy, Romantic) 2019 – online

If Bridget Jones was looking for even more desperation than herself, she would have hit Kate (Emilia Clarke). The girl looks like a cute little but she is in fact a magnet for bad decisions of all kinds – she doesn’t understand her own family, she doesn’t know herself, she can’t find a normal guy, and she works in a Christmas shop. 

Exactly a year ago she was balancing life and death when she underwent a very complicated operation. One would say he would appreciate the “second chance” more, but obviously Kate doesn’t care. He flashes spectacularly for everything and everyone and moves through life with the least resistance. But then he meets Tom (Henry Golding), a little mysterious young man who gets more and more entangled in her way and life. And although Kate is determined to continue her lifestyle, this boy, the Christmas atmosphere, and the magical London will start her prematurely stubborn heart to melt very quickly.

Režie:                  Paul Feig
Scénář:                Emma Thompson
Kamera:              John Schwartzman
Hudba:                Theodore Shapiro

Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh, Patti LuPone, Ingrid Oliver, Sue Perkins, Lydia Leonard, Rebecca Root, Ritu Arya, Laura Evelyn, Joe Blakemore

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