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FILM: The Good Liar (USA, drama) 2019 – online

Roy Courtnay, a charming cheater, has had a lot of trouble in his life and is still haunted by his dark past. When she meets a rich widow Betty McLeish on an internet dating site, she can’t believe her happiness. The courtship, however, does not proceed exactly to his liking.

Over time, Roy discovers that the feelings he has for Betty, and that should have been false, are becoming real, and that is starting to be a real problem for Roy’s secret plan. For the first time in their careers, Oscar Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen meet on screen.

Director:             Bill Condon
Screenplay:       Jeffrey Hatcher
Camera:              Tobias A. Schliessler

Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen, Joohannes Haukur Joannesson, Russell Tovey, Jim Carter, Mark Lewis Jones, Phil Dunster, Laurie Davidson, Michael Culkin, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Athena Strates, Stella Stocker, Spike White

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