FILM: The Irishman (USA, drama, crime) 2019 – online

A story from Charles Brandt’s book of the same name about the bounty hunter Frank Sheeran, who killed more than 25 people. An Irishman-assassin pleaded guilty to the assassination of Jimmy Hoff, president of the US Trade Union Teamster.

Director:             Martin Scorsese
Based on:           Charles Brandt (book)
Screenplay:       Steven Zaillian
Camera:              Rodrigo Prieto
Music:                  Robbie Robertson

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Bob Pes Cannavale, Ray Graham, Stephen Graham, Joseph Russo, Jeremy Luke, Marko Caka, Welker White, Jesse Plemons, Larry Romano, Domenick Lombardozzi Jack Huston, Stephanie Kurtzuba, Gary.

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