How to quickly lock your PC in [Windows 10] with GDPR

With regard to the protection of personal data, which has been tightened by the introduction of GDPR, it is advisable not only to lock the office but also the computer (or notebook) to leave our office. Locking the computer is very simple, just use Win + L combination.

Keyboard shortcut for quick locking of our computer or laptop

To quickly locate our computer, use a keyboard combination:

Win + L


Where the shortcut Win and letter L are found on the keyboard

What does Win mean?

The Win shortcut – actually means Windows and the keyboard is most commonly found under the Windows operating system logo on the left side of the keyboard between CTRL and ALT.


Why use the letter L (english translation)?

Letter L – is actually the first letter of the english word lock.


Showcase a locked laptop (or computer) …


What happens when I lock my computer?

If we use the Win + L combination already mentioned, only the computer is locked, but all programs remain open. After signing in, we can continue to work wherever we are. We do not have to run a program again – everything remains as it was before the computer was locked.


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